Commercial Port

Places of Interest

Museums, Church of 100 doors,
Monasteries, Marble Quarries.
Tours: Island Tour
Transportation: Mini Buses, Mini Vans,
Bikes & Taxis.

By Sea: To Pireaus: 4.5hrs – high speed 2.45hrs daily.
Ferry Frequency: To Thessaloniki: Twice a week.
To Naxos,Ios, Santorini, Mykonos, Syros: daily:
To Crete: Twice a week
To Small Cyclades: Twice a week
By Air: Connections Offered To: Athens 30min, 3 flights daily
Airlines: OA

Airport Details

International Code Name Of Airport PAS
National / International: Domestic
Length Of Runway: 710m
Approach: ndb / pao 386
Biggest a/c Accepted: DH28
Private Planes Capacity: 6 Stands 1,5 Tons
Distance To/From Airport: Parikia 10Km – 10min, Naousa 35km – 20min
Civil Aviation Authority Working Hrs: 10.00 – 15.00Paros is one of the largest islands of the Cyclades with approx. 120 km coastline, situated about halfway
between Athens and Santorini.

Already in ancient history Paros was famous for its semi-transparent marble, which is still quarried today.
Parikia, the capital, is one of the main harbours of the Cyclades with frequent connections to almost
all other islands.

The island lies within approx. 2,5 hours (with a high-speed boat) or 4 hours (normal ferry) distance from Piraeus.

Paros Island has a lot to offer its visitors! Whether you prefer a quiet, peaceful holiday enjoying
the beautiful nature and traditional Greek atmosphere, an active or educational one, or you would
just like to party, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for.

Church of Ekatontapliani (“Our Lady of a Hundred Doors”)
in Parikia just 200 m from the port

The most imposing church in the Cyclades and one of the most important in Greece, approx. 1.600 years old. On the 15th of August its nameday (a public holiday) is celebrated with a lot of festivities. Actually they are three churches in one, and legends rank about the fact that only 99 doors have been counted.

The Byzantine church of St. Constantine

Tis outstanding not only on account of its unique architecture but because of its gilded wood carved iconostasis. In various parts of the town there handsome mansions belonging to eminent island families, some even with their coat of arms incorporated over the lintel. There are also many tiny churches with wood carved iconostases. However, the most important church of all is that of the Virgin Katapoliani (or Ekatontapyliani) on the northern outskirts of Parikia. One of the oldest Early Christian basilicae in Greece, it was founded, tradition relates, by either St. Helen or St. Constantine.