Known as the Jerusalem of the Aegean, Patmos island is the holy island of Christians, where the Apocalypse of St. John was written.
Visitors of this Dodecanese island today are split into two groups, the first half that still come to the island because of its religious significance and the second half comes here to enjoy the lovely beaches, the serenity and the unique character of the island and its people.

Patmos is a quiet island at night, but a busy stop by day for the many cruise ships that have made it a port of call.
Patmos is a spectacular island with great beaches and a unique landscape, an island where tourism until recently was low-key but has been growing steadily.

Don’t miss the unique Easter celebrations (Greek Orthodox Easter) where you will have the chance to see a staging of Christ’s Last Supper.
Also, take an evening stroll through the narrow streets of Hora or Chora and watch the sunset from Kastelli hill.

The Monastery
The Monastery of Evangelist and Apostle John the Theologian, being constructed on the top of the top of the mountain, is so prominent, that it can be seen from any place of the island.The view of the high walls of the Monastery that jut out, surrounded as they are by the white houses of Hora, with its belfry standing out, arouses a sense of agreeable surprise, coupled with religious wonderment that induce one to ponder on the historical course of events the are connected with this beautiful and majestic edifice.

There are many things that can be said about the spiritual and social action and the spiritual treasures that there are in the Monastery .

The Sacred Grotto
Old traditions of the island as well as historical texts determine as location of writing of the “Revelation” by John The Evangelist, the Grotto of the Revelation which is considered the most important sanctuary on the island.

The Sacred Grotto of the Revelation is surrounded today by the large monastic block of the Monastery of the Revelation which stands out with its local whiteness. The few steps , hewn on the rock, lead us to the simple door of the entrance to the Monastery.

The Monastery of St. John the Theologian crowns the island of Revelation, in Patmos and is one of the most charming and most impressive monuments of Orthodoxy and of the Byzantine civilization. Inside the Monastery the library is located, one of the ancient libraries with a continuous history in the same place where with the list referring to the finder of the library, Holy Christodoulos.
You can find it on jewels sold at jewellery shops on the island