Commercial Port

Name: Kolona
Services: Electricity, Water.

Mandraki : Capacity: 160

Other Services: Reception office, Weather Report, Refuelling, Mail, Tel/ Fax, Electricity & Water, Toilets & Showers, Medical Centre, Car & Bike Rental, 24 Hr Security, Laundry & Dry , Cleaning, Rubbish Disposal

Places of Interest
Lindos, Valley of the Butterflies, Monte Smith / Acropolis.
Tours: West Coast, East Coast
Transportation: Mini buses, Bikes, Taxis, Rental Cars

By Sea:
Ferry Frequency: Ferry Frequency: From Athens: Daily
From Marmaris: Daily in summer
From Cyprus: 3 times per week
By Air: Connections Offered To: Athens: Europe by Charter.
Athens, Thesalonica and some islands
Charters to Italy, France, Scandinavia, Netherlands,
Airlines: OA & Aegean, charter Co.

Airport Details

International Code Name Of Airport RHO
National / International: INTL
Length Of Runway: 3.600m
Approach: 118,2 VOR DME NDB
Biggest a/c Accepted: ALL
Stands Available: 13
Private Planes Capacity: Limited Parking
Distance To/From Airport: Kolona-10k, Rhodes Town -10k, Lindos – 35k
Civil Aviation Authority Working Hrs: 24 HOURS


Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and one of the largest in the Aegean sea.
Rhodes called from its local people the Rose of the Aegean and deserves its name because is one
of the most beautiful Greek islands.

Rhodes has the oldest tourist history from all the islands of Greece and is famous all over the world,
this wonderful Greek island together with the islands of Kos, Crete, Mykonos, Santorini and Corfu attracts
the most tourism in Greece.

Medieval City
A walk in the medieval town

The Medieval City of Rhodes, built by the Christian military order Knights Hospitalers, is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. The city center is located within a 4km long wall. It has numerous fine Frankish (Gothic) and Ottoman buildings.

Rarely does one have the chance to stroll into twenty-four centuries of history and countless previous centuries of human presence, all within medieval walls, which surround 58.37 hectares of land.

Acropolis of Lindos

After walking through the maze of streets and alleys in Lindos you arrive at the steps leading to the Acropolis.

That’s when you fully realize that it is a long way up in the hot beating Sun to the top, but the view is definitely worth the physical exertion you will expend.
When you’re this close you certainly have an appreciation for the amount of work that must have been involved in creating such large stone structures.

Butterfly Valley of Rhodes
Stand still…A butterfly might touch you!

A unique nature reserve is to be found inland on Rhodes, “Butterfly Valley” (in Greek “Petaloúdes”). Apart from its aesthetic value, it is also the site of the only natural forest of Liquidambar orientalis (Oriental Sweetgum trees) in Europe, and a resting point for the Jersey tiger (Panaxia Quadripunctaria), a nocturnal moth.

Old-town-Of rhodes